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Content shown from other users such as video streams and items used in apps such as MultiV are not warranted by the site creators and the site creators are not responsible for the content created by the other users. These other users are independent and do not represent the website or Iron Vertex in any way. Thus, also any visual glitches or issues from the app that may occur may be a result of other users and the site creators also do not warrant and are not responsible for such visual issues.

You may contact the site creators below for help but it is not guaranteed for all issues to be fixed or resolved. So please only use the site and apps with users and friends you trust! Iron Vertex reserves the right to allow or deny access to any users of the site or apps at any time for any reason.


Non-personal data sent by the browser to the the website may be used to provide general website usage statistics to help improve the general usability and usefulness of the website. This website may use technologies like cookies and statistical tools to record non-personal information about the use of this website.

If Twitter login is used for apps such as MultiV, information such as your Twitter id, Twitter handle, and Twitter display name will be used to verify your identity for use in apps and access for the apps.

Other Programs

Use of other programs with the app such as VTube Studio, NDI SDK, and any other program connected using NDI shall be subject to the terms of service and usage defined by those apps respectively

Some apps such as MultiV uses other software or libraries with specific licensing. MultiV specifically includes this following disclaimer: This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.


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